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🌏 TMPK is now available to you World Wide 🌏
🌏 TMPK is now available to you World Wide 🌏

Pre-order before January 1st 2024 and get the whole year for just £99.00 instead of £149.99.

We have now opened Pre-Order access to the TMPK App. Pre-order the app before January 1st 2024 and get the full year for just £99.00. Orders after the 1st will change to £149.99. Our app is life-changing, start today by Pre Ordering access here

TMPK App Integrates Seamlessly With

Nutrition Tools

Nutrition Tools

Develop your knowledge and understanding of nutrition with micro-tracking functionality and a visual food journal. This app has been put together by TMPK and is proof that this style of tracking is ground breaking for anyone one on a simular journey.

Tried and Tested By Me - £99.00
Personalised Resources

Personalised Resources

Here at TMPK, we are always here to look after your journey. That is why we have developed a space for your very own collection of recipes and resources to support your transformation as you develop both mind and body.

All at Your Finger Tips for £99.00

500+ Delicious Recipes Inside

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Your Coaching Hub

Your Coaching Hub

The coaching hub is an in-depth overview of your journey, including your daily habits, assigned tasks and workouts all in one place. Think of the coaching hub as your real-life accountability coach.

Kick Start Your New Year - £99.00
Track Your Steps

Track Your Steps

This app is more than just a pedometer; it's your fitness companion, motivating you to achieve your daily step goals with ease and enjoyment. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or just starting your wellness journey, our app provides accurate step counting, personalised goal setting, and insightful analytics to track your progress.

Pre-order & Start Tracking - £99.00
Home & Gym workouts

Home & Gym workouts

Enjoy access to easy-to-follow home and gym-based workouts to support your journey. This comprehensive and engaging feature is designed to cater to all of your exercise needs. Whether you're looking to build strength, enhance flexibility, or boost your cardiovascular endurance, our extensive library of workouts offers something for everyone.

Unlock Workouts - £99.00

Customer Reviews

So happy I found this cool book just as we were getting ready to start a meal prep journey! So many amazing recipes to choose from

The Girl Who Shops

We started meal prepping last year to feed our kids better. Our kids can be fussy eaters but they went through this book and picked out 11 main meals

A. Hamilton

I love how it has a meal prep for each week, colors match everything perfectly and the book came in great condition. So excited...

Le-On Ochuschayoo

If you are looking for some really clear guidelines on how to portion, what to freeze etc, this is great.


The recipes are varied, easy to follow and the so far all the meals I have cooked are tasty

Philippa Canter

Great ideas for batch cooking and gives good portion sizes. Also good to know fridge and freezer storage times

Sam C.