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🌏 TMPK is now available to you World Wide 🌏
🌏 TMPK is now available to you World Wide 🌏

The Meal Prep King

By the creator of The Meal Prep King Plan and Prep Yourself Slim, a SUNDAY TIMES bestseller. Bolton-based John Clark has shed an amazing 9 stone in weight. He is now demonstrating to others how to lose weight permanently in an easy, affordable, and healthy manner.

It’s been amazing to see so many of you change your lives with the first book – ditching the fad diets and regaining control. The before and after pictures I get sent daily showing your results have been nothing short of incredible. You have been asking for more recipes, more content and more advice and so here I am,

When people think about losing weight, they assume they will be restricted to bland, boring foods that they dread eating. With this cookbook, we show you this simply isn’t true; you can eat what you like, within reason of course. Our aim is to help you achieve results that are both practical and sustainable, and we are living proof that what we do works. 

You may be starting on your weight loss journey for the very first time, or you may be one of those people who have been yo-yo dieting for years, in search of something more long-lasting. When the weight just doesn’t seem to stay off, it can leave you desperate and confused about what works and what doesn’t – and often leads you ultimately back to the fad diet or plan that failed you the first time around. You are not alone; I have been there and I have tried them all. 

We hate the word ‘diet’ as it signals there’s an end when in reality there is no end to needing food! Instead, it’s about creating a lifestyle that lasts a lifetime; ‘lifestyle’ is a term we would much rather emphasise. Weight loss is as much about mindset as it is about the foods you eat and we aim to give you top tips to help you achieve long-lasting results.